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Mediycal Image Printing


LM-Jetline is a company provides a system include printer, software and film that help to print CT. MRI. DR. CR. PETCT. Ultrasound, Endoscope etc. images on Pet Medical Film. We are one of its kind service providers in India with a 20 years experience in inkjet printing technology and also supply Pet Medical Film of digital image coating materials in any size for different application as a capacity of 100000 sheets of buffer stock. The film uses in this system are new advanced, polymer-coated pet substrate and not a sensitive heavy metal (poison) coated film. Medical images are as output, printed on these film by modified Inkjet printer and special ink, of digital quality as per international norm. It can easily replace the sensitive traditional film escaping from huge investment and maintenance.


We install inkjet Printer with system that helps to print images, against a cash deposit and contract of one year. We supply all the required film and printer ink at the film cost for the period.

Comparative Chart
  Light Sensitive Silver Halide Film Dry Laser Photo Film Dry Laser Printing Film Dry Inkjet Printing Film
Imaging Mode Photographic Laser Photo Toner Inkjet
Speed Slower Fast Fast Fast
Resolution Very High Very High Medium High
Pollution Heavy Metal Heavy Metal None None
Equipment Cost High High Low Very Low
Film Cost High High Low Low
Space Large Large Small Small
Efficiency Slow Fast Fast Fast
Operational Cost High Very High Low Low
Storage Dark /Cool Place Dark /Cool Place Normal Normal
Media Pet Substrate Pet Substrate Pet Substrate Pet Substrate